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Import Services

1. We shall participate in your planning of your imports and will give our suggestions from time to time.

2. We shall arrange for registration of your Company under EDI System at Calcutta Customs Air Port & all Land Custom station if not already done.

3. You will advise us in advance shipment details of Imports with copies of Invoice, Packing List, Bill of Lading. We shall scrutinize them and inform you about requirement of further information/ clarification/explanation that may be required for processing the documents at Customs.

4. We shall follow up with Steamer Agents for information about Feeder Vessel and expected date of arrival of the consignment at Calcutta port and keep you posted about the same.

5. We shall prepare and submit the Declaration for Bill of Entry under EDI System on the basis of the Documents and get the CheckList issued even before arrival of the vessel. We shall then scrutinize the CheckList and keep it ready for resubmission immediately the arrival of the vessel is confirmed.

6. You will arrange to provide us with Catalogues, Literatures, Technical Write-ups for Machineries, Equipment's & Spare Parts. For Chemical items we shall require Literature showing composition & use of the items, Manufacturer's Test Certificates and Material Safety Data Sheet to arrange smooth & trouble free clearance.

7. We shall advise you the amount of Duty Payable and Fund required to clear each consignment well in advance so that you can arrange the fund in time.

8. You will send us the Original Set of Documents including Bill of Lading duly endorsed by your Bank at least two working days ahead of the arrival of the Vessel to enable us to arrange Rent-free clearance.

9. We shall collect Delivery Orders from Steamer Agents and shall observe all CPT & Sales Tax Formalities for taking physical delivery of the goods. In case of Air Consignments we shall collect the Delivery Order from Airlines/ Freight Forwarders and observe all the formalities for clearance from Air Port Authority.

10. We shall get the goods physically examined and obtain Release Order from Customs Officials at Dock/ Airport.

11. We shall organize placement of Trucks/ Trailers, load the cargoes and dispatch the same to your nominated place of delivery.

12. In cases where the goods are taken delivery in Containers, we shall arrange de-stuffing of the Containers, if so required. For this purpose we shall take the Container to our Godown, de-stuff the cargo with Crane/ Fork Lift , load them on Trucks/ Trailers for onward dispatch to your destination and return the empty Container to the Parking Slot.

13. Unloading of goods at your destination will have to be arranged by you.

14. We shall extend any other service related to Customs clearance of consignments.

15. We shall provide consultancy services for any Refund Claim , Project Registration & Reconciliation and any other Custom Matter.

Export Services

1. We shall participate in your planning of your Exports and will prepare Invoice, Packing list and any other document if so required.

2. You will advise us about your programme of Export and we shall prepare the documents including Shipping Bill/Bill of Export for submission to Customs.

3. We shall liaison with Steamer Agent for ascertaining earliest vessel availability.

4. Depending on the vessel availability we will pick up the Container from slot and take the same to your Factory / Godown for stuffing and re-transport the stuffed Container to Dock.

5. In case of LCL Cargo, we will send truck to your Factory / Godown for picking up the Cargo and bring the same to Dock for stuffing.

6. We shall arrange examination of the goods at Dock by Shed Customs and obtain Order for Loading / Stuffing.

7. We shall prepare draft Bill of Lading and collect the Final Bill of Lading from the Steamer Agent duly signed by them.

8. Stuffing of goods in Container / Loading of same on Trucks / Trailers may be arranged by us if so required.

9. We shall observe required C.P.T. formalities for the Export Cargo.

10. We shall extend any other service related to Customs clearance of the Export Cargo.